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What would you do if you had more time?

It's estimated that the average real estate agent spends over 12 hours on a transaction from contract to close. What could you do with an extra 12 hours? How much more could you grow your business with that time?


My Real Estate Transaction, LLC is a company that provides transaction coordination services to real estate professionals and private sellers. We tackle the deadlines and make sure you're in compliance so you don't have to! In addition to transaction coordination, we have marketing, branding, and design consultants available. Our goal is to partner with real estate professionals and free up their time so they can build their business. 

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My Real Estate Transaction’s primary focus is transaction coordination. This is our bread and butter. With over three decades of combined real estate experience, we’ve fine-tuned the art of a smooth transaction. We connect agents with a dedicated, skilled transaction coordinator who will partner with them to handle dates, deadlines, and everything in between contract to close, and beyond! There is so much to list, but we narrowed it down to give you a general idea of our services: 


  • Review contract documents for accuracy 

  • Submit files for compliance review 

  • Coordinate inspections, walkthroughs, and closing 

  • Deadline reminders 

  • Daily task emails 

  • Weekly updates


You’re never locked in, pay per contract at closing. Plus, you’ll get FREE set up and system implantation with your first transaction. Give us a try today! 



We offer listing services as well. 

  • Photography coordination

  • MLS input 

  • Order sign installs 

  • and general admin support

Trans Coor.


If you’re looking to refine your brand, enhance your social media campaigns, or just refresh your boring listing remarks... we’ve got the support you need! 


My Real Estate Transaction partners with Wild Oak Creatives, a marketing firm that serves as an excellent resource to agents like you. 



Your business is growing! Now, how do you handle new business while giving the same quality service your clients have learned to expect? 


My Real Estate Transaction offers consulting services to agents, whether they are seasoned or new agents trying to start their business on the right foundation. We offer: 


  • Listing coordination system implementation 

  • Workflow systems

  • Assistant training / coaching

  • CRM set up 

  • And  so much more! 

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